About us

Our mission is to provide highly effective products and services that deliver marked and measurable improvements in development, learning and cognition for children with Down syndrome worldwide.

Photograph of a child using See and Learn
Photograph of a child using See and Learn
Photograph of a child in classroom
Photograph of a child in classroom

Every child deserves a good education - one that welcomes them as a valued member of their community and recognises their individual learning needs and particular strengths.

Children with Down syndrome experience a variety of delays and difficulties that affect many areas of development. Research is steadily improving our understanding of these challenges. It is also helping us to identify more effective teaching approaches.

Our role

Down Syndrome Education Enterprises helps families, professionals and organisations around the world by providing up-to-date, evidence-based information and guidance through practical and accessible resources and services.

Social impact

We ensure that the latest research findings and best practice guidance are widely disseminated to improve educational outcomes for many thousands of young people with Down syndrome.

We take an enterprising approach to providing the widest possible benefit. We provide high quality products and services at sustainable prices that permit ongoing investments in research and development. We offer subsidies for low income families and communities.

Everything we do is informed by scientific research and extensive practical experience.

Not for profit

Down Syndrome Education Enterprises CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise, registered as a Community Interest Company the UK, owned by Down Syndrome Education International - a UK-based charity and a widely-recognised leader in developmental and educational research and support for young people with Down syndrome.

Surpluses that are not required for reinvestment are donated to Down Syndrome Education International to support scientific research that continues to advance our understanding of Down syndrome.

We are part of DSE

We work in partnership with our parent UK charity Down Syndrome Education International and associated US charity Down Syndrome Education USA.

Together, we undertake research and provide services that help over 120,000 people in 170 countries each year.