New training courses pricing offers savings of up to 50%

We have introduced changes to our online course pricing to make our courses more affordable for more people and organisations, offering savings of up to 50%.

We believe that children with Down syndrome can be better supported when teachers, aides, therapists and families are better informed about the children’s specific learning needs and evidence-based teaching approaches. We are therefore introducing new pricing options for our online training courses, offering savings of up to 50% for participants.

Most participants complete their course in less than 6 months. However, we have been offering up to 12 months access – and factoring this into our pricing. We are therefore now offering 6 months access as standard and have reduced our prices to reflect this. Anyone wishing to extend their access can purchase discounted extensions.

As a result, we have reduced the price of our education course by 50%, the price of early years and speech and language courses by between 30% and 40%, and the price of our implementing RLI course by an average of 25%.

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Picture of a part of an online course