DSE works to improve early intervention and education for children with Down syndrome everywhere. We support scientific research and provide evidence-based resources and services to help over 120,000 parents and professionals in 170 countries each year.

DSE transforms the lives of young people with Down syndrome by improving understanding of their learning needs and by helping families and professionals to provide effective support, early intervention and education. Our goal is to improve outcomes for all children with Down syndrome, helping them to lead more independent, productive and fulfilling lives.

Books and teaching materials

Our books, films and teaching materials offer practical advice, including structured teaching programmes to support the development of speech, language, reading and number skills.


Our apps offer the same evidence-based educational activities as our teaching materials - designed to support reading and language, speech, memory and number skills development.

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NEW Our new online training courses offer convenient access to up-to-date information and guidance for parents, teachers and therapists supporting children with Down syndrome.